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01. Is it scary?
Hell yes it's scary!


02. Are the monsters allowed to touch you?
The actors at the Field of Screams will not touch you... on purpose. Accidental touching can obviously occur. They will however attempt to get very, very close!!


03. Does the Field of Screams accept Credit Cards?
I don't think we'd be very successful if we didn't. So, yes we do. You may purchase tickets with a credit card online or at our box office. Cold hard cash works too!


04. Are there any age restrictions?
The Field of Screams is recommended for adults and teenagers. Children under 12 should be accompanied by an adult. Carrying young children through is NOT recommended. Duh!


05. Is there a lot of smoke in the mazes?
We do use fog machines and hazers. If at any time the smoke is too intense there are emergency exits located throughout the mazes. That way you can hop out and get ridiculed by your friends later.


05. Are there strobe lights?
Not really. We have done away with the overused strobe light effects for that some haunt use. You WILL run into an occasional simulated lightning effect here or there. Mostly there tho!


06. It was too scary!!! Can I get my money back?
Sorry 'bout it... but there are NO REFUNDS! You know exactly what you are getting into when you get here!


07. Is it dark?
Ummm... really?! It's a haunted house. Yes, there are many areas throughout the mazes that are very dark. Can you handle that?


08. Can we go through the mazes as many times as we want?
Absolutely... you go get your money's worth! Go through the mazes as many times as you want until we close. Chances are your experience will be different each time.

09. Do you have security?
Yes. We feel very secure about ourselves.  But the Field of Screams also has professional event security on the premises. We seldom have any problems, but they are there just in case!


10. Can we be thrown out of the attractions for any reason?
Yes. We do not allow touching of our actors, props, foul language, pushing, and vulgar behavior. We have a list of rules, and if they are broken you will be removed and/or prosecuted. If asked to leave there will be NO refunds. You have been warned!


11. Do you serve alcoholic beverages?
Yes and we are actually one of the very few haunted attractions around that serve alcohol. Enjoy but please drink responsibly. Again... you've been warned! See above regarding our security... wink wink!


12. What can't we bring inside the Field of Screams?
Food, drinks, lighters, bags, costumes, weapons, cameras, laser pointers or
flashlights! Cell phones may NOT be used to light your way
through the event as it ruins the experience for everyone else. Don't be a chump. Do it and you will be subject to removal.


14. How can I work at the Field of Screams?
Currently there are no openings available at this year's event. Maybe next year sucker!


15. Can I take photos or video?
There is absolutely no video or photography of any kind inside the mazes! Leave your cell phone in your pocket or purse! Photos along the concourse and general areas are permitted! As long as you get my good side...


16. Are there fundraising opportunities?

Yes. Email for more information.

17. What happened to question number 13?
Don't you worry about that question... it's being dealt with!



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